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Kuthumi Changing Your Drama 2003
Kuthumi trough Michelle Manders
Changing Your Drama

All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 11 November 2003      

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you endless blessings of love. 
Greetings, beloved ones. 

It is with great joy that we gather here today with you all to share our love, to share our joy with you, for today we wish to share with you the joy of seeing how you have grown along your path. You have experienced much over the past weeks. You have had to face many issues, many obstacles, and because time is speeding up at such a rate, you are facing more and more of your lessons. 

So what we wish to share with you today is to look at your lessons as just that: lessons to help you grow - not as obstacles to destroy you. As you know, before you incarnated upon the Earth plane you chose certain lessons, certain experiences in your life on your path to assist you with your growth pattern, to assist you in returning home. You have learned so much already. When you look back upon your past days and your past years and think to yourself "That was a bad time; I never want to relive that moment again." 

But guess what - you survived. 

You are still here - does that not tell you something? That you are always given the strength to face whatever is facing you at this time. When you find yourself in a situation that is trying, ask yourself "what can I do to change my situation?  
What can I do to generate energy, to create peace on my present path? 
What lessons am I to learn out of this experience?" 

For then, you see, you are not allowing the negative energy to hold you back. There is a lesson to each day that you live. No matter how big or small, each day is a lesson in life.  Each day you are learning something new, so allow yourself to learn your lessons quickly and move on upon your path. And you need to give yourself a rather mighty pat on your back for what you have achieved so far.  
You have dealt with some mighty obstacles and large lessons so far, but you are a better person because of your experiences. You have realised the importance of love in your life - not just the love of others, but the love for yourself. 
When you begin to look at your lessons with love,  you begin to see the opportunities in your lessons and not the setbacks. Many people ask the question "Why is it that I can advise others on their problems but I am unable to sort out my own life?" It is because you are standing on the outside looking in, so this is what we would like you to do when you are facing a life lesson. 

Take whatever it is you need to face at this time and place yourself in your sacred space. Allow the universal light to form a protective egg of white light around you. Visualise the amethyst ray becoming one with the universal white light around you. Always remember, when you are choosing to let go in your meditations, allow the amethyst ray to become one with your universal light, for it shall protect you whilst you are releasing - it allows you to feel safe in your vulnerability, and the universal white light shall then be able to flow freely and fill all of that which you are letting go of. 
Now take yourself to your waterfall of the universal water of life, of light and of love. Allow yourself to stand within these waters. Imagine drawing the energy of the water through your feet, cleansing and clearing you until it becomes one with your crown centre. 
Now, see before you whatever it is you need to face at this present moment.  Allow it to float upon the water before you. Visualise yourself being elevated above the situation by the energy of light and of love supporting you and holding you above your present experience. 

Begin to see the play that is being acted out before you. 
See yourself as the actor in the drama of your life and watch this as if you were watching a movie. 
You are now standing on the outside looking in.  Allow yourself to interpret this drama - what can you do differently to change any scenes or acts in this play? 
Where do you think the script can be changed? 

Begin to re-arrange your drama; remove actors whom you feel are no good for the parts they are trying to play. If you feel you're not playing the correct part, then put yourself in the role you should be playing. This is your chance to be on "Broadway," so write the screenplay any which way you choose.  You may win an Oscar!!   

Remember you are free to change any scene you choose. You are free to replace any actor or actress whom you choose, and you are free to change the scenery. You may find during the course of the next cycle you return a number of times to look at your drama once more, and each time you can change something. 
Continue with this process until you have reached the point where you are satisfied with your drama - where you are satisfied with each act, with each scene, with each part of your play. 

Each time you face an experience or a lesson, remember this technique, for it takes you out of that energy and enables you to see more clearly what is happening before you. 
Ask the various actors what they feel their role is - why they are playing out specific parts in your drama. 
Ask yourself why you are in that specific role. You will be amazed by the answers you receive.  

As you make changes, allow the new setting of your drama to be held in universal white light and sealed within amethyst and golden light. See this in a ball of white, amethyst and golden light. Each time you change any part, hold it once more in the white, amethyst and golden light. 

Now take all of that which you have changed in your drama - allow it to be released to the water to be cleansed and be purified, and allow all of that which you feel is no longer a part of you, to be released to the universal water of love, light and life.    

Each time you work with a specific purpose or process or experience in your life you are constantly shifting very subtle energies. You keep on unblocking something that is no longer a part of you, so it is important that you regularly allow yourself to release all of that which is no longer a part of you. You may not at all times know specifically what it is, but just visualise the words 

"I release all of that which is no longer a part of me into the universal waters of life, light and love. I cleanse my being and I seal my being in the universal waters of life, light and love." 

As time passes on, you shall feel the lightness of  being, for you shall release more and more of that which is no longer you, and you will become more of who you truly are, and when you are who you truly are, there is no heaviness; there are no burdens to carry. 

So become your own director, your producer and the writer of your plays, and have fun doing it. You do not always need to be so serious. We shall put a big sign up for you every now and then which says, "lighten up" for that is what life is all about - it is about light. 
So when you lighten up, not only does it put a smile on your face, it allows you to feel lighter. 
We bless you with much light, with much love, and we fill you with the strength and courage to see your healing process through to completion. We ask you to trust in your process and know that we are always supporting you and are always divinely protecting and guiding you. Trust in the invisible arms that hold you and remember that we are only but a thought away. Peace be with you all this day.  

I am Kuthumi and I greet and bless you in love.  Adonai. 


Take out your journal and write down your answers to the following questions: 
Write down at least one situation you are currently facing.  
Then write down what you can do to change it or what you can do to generate peace on your path.  
Do the visualisation as Kuthumi suggests and change it into a movie, how does it look to you now?
Have you changed your role or the actors?    

Write down what the movie looks like to you now.What lesson or lessons do you think you need to learn or have learnt from the situation or situations currently challenging you?
Observe the "movie" of your life playing out; 
looking at it from a different perspective will help you to find the gifts therein.

Remember to return to your journal daily and work with what has come up for you. It will be, and is well worth the effort.  I speak from personal experience :)

Much love,
Michelle and the Dream Team

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