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Vietnam Channelling - Two

Vietnam Channelling - Two

When we first started working with the energies of Vietnam and Cambodia in 2008 this channelling was delivered. This is the second transmission Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene have asked me to share with you, in support of our trip in September 2011, which forms the next level of what these activations initiated. There is one more to follow this one. Don’t worry about dates mentioned in this channelling, just focus on attuning to the new paradigm of consciousness and energy being presented.   

Vietnam Channelling - Two    
All Rights Reserved & Copyright Michelle Manders                                        
Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 19 June 2008 

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you blessings of lightness, grace, trust and playfulness. 
Greetings beloved ones.   

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. 

Beloved ones, this second journey into the initiations of fire which bring about the healing of the inner child is presented to you within the light of a new day, by this I mean within the light of a new journey, a new future, and most importantly, a new present moment. It is vital that each of you grasp the understanding, if not perhaps more the realisation, that you have within you a vast realm of information and potential. You have skills at your disposal which many of you have as yet not recognised, but as each new level is penetrated so you are able to recognise and, therefore, understand what the next phase of your journey is. 

When one can truly see that life is a journey, and this you have heard many times before, and truly accept life is a journey you will understand why everything unfolds a step at a time, a level at a time and in it’s perfect divine time.   
This phase of the healing process and initiating the light within, which was activated with the first initiation where you were introduced to the authentic healer, is a time where the energy is now merged within the depths of Mother Earth, within you, and combined with the Cosmic frequencies of true illumination. The illumination regarding these aspects inside of you will result in your journey not only moving further, but expanding in it’s ability to move in a variety of directions simultaneously. This inner essence is a power of incredible proportions, it is an energy which extends beyond the physical world, taking you deeper and deeper into the scenes behind the scenes. 

What you see in your life is unique and no one can see what you see as you do, because your perceptions and experience of life is unique unto you. Much of this was ingrained in your childhood years, which you know already, however, the reason for me saying this is because now, you as a group of initiates and Lightworkers, are moving into the inner essence of the authentic inner child held within the core of Mother Earth’s body. Deep inside her being is an aspect of the heart chakra, this aspect has been encrusted with a very dense substance. 

The density of this substance represents the density of the old paradigm consciousness which has weighed heavily upon the consciousness, purity and innocence of the child. All of this smothers your inner child’s internal ability to fathom what it’s unique qualities are. By penetrating the density which you have come to know as illusions, which consist of fears, insecurities, false expectations and many other negative attitudes, you come to understand and realise that everything has been as it must be, but the time now; the here and now, is a completely different opportunity, and I cannot stress enough how important these words are – now is different to a moment ago.   

The energies merging within Mother Earth’s body, and accessing the portal of that heart chakra, will happen to all of you, however, it is vital that you understand that this "piece” of your heart is the most powerful part of your being currently experiencing consciousness within the third dimensional reality. It is one of the most powerful parts of your ability to love unconditionally, but it is also your most vulnerable, which is where the challenge lies – will you go there knowing how vulnerable you will feel? But the gift of this is the knowing of how deeply you will come to love, and this is a love unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

I can confidently say this because that part of the heart has never been accessed by human beings other than those who have achieved a very high level of consciousness prior to their ascension; those whom you now know as the Ascended Masters and other great beings of incredible wisdom. 

You are being offered this opportunity because it is this power of love that will allow this precious flow to seep into humanity’s consciousness, the only difference is instead of it coming from the Cosmos penetrating the etheric fields of Mother Earth, this is coming from her core heart centre.  Initially it will begin as a gentle drip, this dripping will wear through that dense energy around it and create a river of new fluid love.   

Every experience you have in that space of love will contribute to dematerialising the density we refer to, and because you are doing that from inside yourself, your outer world will reflect the removal of that density. All we ask of you now beloved ones is to persevere, just a little while longer. You have come very far and everything you have faced has worn through the dense vibrations, penetrated the thick walls of defence, the false boundaries and the illusionary imaginings of entrapment, paralysis and lack of power. Each drop of this love force is a vibration absorbed into Mother Earth’s body, and fed into everything within her body and upon her body. 

This means that all crystals and minerals currently inside of her body will be charged with this powerful love. All crystals, mineral, gemstones etc mined out of her body from, Melchizedek is saying the 23rd of August 2008 to be precise, will embody this vibration. This is one of the ways that Mother Earth has chosen to spread this love, therefore, she is allowing herself to be mined from that period, Melchizedek is saying, for a period of fourteen months only will she willing give of her body in this fashion. 

For that period of fourteen months there will be sufficient of this love energy programmed into what is mined from her body to penetrate the etheric veils around people individually and collectively. Thus, every crystal within every home, within every building, every gemstone worn upon on every body and every mineral regardless of where it is, regardless of how it is used, mined during this time line, will present this immense opportunity to love and be loved. If a person does not choose to love and be loved in this fashion, they will still be blessed by this purity of love, a love that has never graced your planet in this fashion ever before.  It is a love that may initially appear all consuming, one that is completely overwhelming, one that challenges every aspect of your awareness, your perceptions, ideas, opinions, expectations and your fearful projections. It is vital that you be aware that this is what will happen, the reason why I say this is because your challenge will be yourself. 

This love energy will initially be held by the thirty-one thousand children who are responsible for carrying this energy through, and from the 15th to the 18th of August 2008 this energy will be at it’s most powerful, for it shall be coming from every open heart chakra on the planet, every person who is consciously aligned with this divine power of love; of self and anything else, will contribute to the merging within Mother Earth and so the stirrings will begin, the children of your planet will also begin to sense an invisible presence of love and the neediness to experience love from the external world will begin to diminish, albeit slowly. 

Children who have chosen to incarnate and not be raised by their parents will feel this love immensely, which will strengthen their core essence, strengthen their being as humans to face the life they have chosen without parents, yet they will find the levels of love they require within many other sources within, and of course, in their external world, but they will not be dependant on the external world to feed them with this love force.   

As we are working with you now, Lord Melchizedek is activating a tube which begins at the tip of your coccyx and moves up your cerebral spinal fluid and into cervical one. This tube consists of Amethyst and Citrine energies, often referred to as Ametrine, but it also has within it balls of Platinum, which look like liquid Mercury. 

There is a light extending from the core of this Platinum energy bringing with it the Goddess Love Force, which will open humanity from the inside out to the true understanding of the true power of love. The thirty-one thousand children responsible for anchoring these energies will experience the flow of new energy up and down their spine, many adults who a very sensitive to this will also feel it. When children are complaining of their spine being sore, or any area of their back being in discomfort, we suggest you take Lavender, Royal Amber (if you cannot get Royal Amber oil then use Orange Blossom) and massage this along their spine, and if possible, give them small amounts of Collodial Silver to drink. This will ease the flow of energy and help their inner child consciousness let go without having to intellectualise or consciously understand what needs to be released in order for the energy to become balanced and sustainable, and the same applies to the sensitive adults as well, because you will most certainly feel it. 

Your inner child consciousness is stepping into the new realms with you. Remember, I said, in order to enter the Kingdoms of Heaven one needs to become the child - innocent and vulnerable. You are stepping into these realms of so called Heaven, which is why it is vital that you step back into the consciousness of your child, very similar to what is considered a retrograde. This retrograde of sorts will bring you many gifts, because you are being given the opportunity to reassess everything which you have simply absorbed, everything you have simply accepted as fact, when in fact it could very well be fiction. 

You will move into the position of re-possessing that strength and power, but it needs to be done in conjunction with this new aspect of the heart opening. This will facilitate the clearing of the intensive wounds of immense trauma, shock, shocking abuse, and diabolical human tragedy linked to the war tunnels, and everything else that went on in Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Many children were abused during that time, and some of those children have returned and are amongst the thirty-one thousand working with this energy. There are a number of trapped souls in that area. Although there was a major release of trapped souls which took place during the month of April and the beginning of May 2008, the next level of souls who are ready to move on now need to be released. As these trapped souls move into the higher realms of their new journey so all the Masters, Teachers, Gods, Goddesses, Angels and Archangels of the realms of pure love extending through all Universes Six to Sixty-Six will gather and will shower blessings upon the Earth. 

These blessings will be planted within the cells of Mother Earth’s body, which will be absorbed into the cells of the receptive humans, and here they will gestate, and in the summer months you will find this new life bursting forth. The energy that will nurture and feed these seeds is the love force coming from this new dimension of the heart chakra. You can imagine this piece of the heart chakra I refer to as being one of the inner core circles of the Golden Heart Chakra. The healing taking place for the children at this time is vital in order for every level of child consciousness to be set free, therefore, I ask you to join together in heart and in mind, in body if possible and focus your energy on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of August. (In this case do as is suggested on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2011, whilst we are doing the working in Vietnam and Cambodia. Please refer to my itinerary on www.soulodyssey.co.za to see where we will be.) 

Concentrate on the new dimensions of your heart opening and extend this love to all traumatised discarnate souls who are leaving the area we have referred to. The moment these energies merge within Mother Earth’s body a new flow of energy will unfold, the flow will move specifically between Vietnam and Namibia for a period of twenty-two months, which will build a very powerful grid of fluid energy. There is a sacred line, almost like a leyline, that runs between Vietnam and Namibia, this angle of the flow of energy needs to be as it is to ensure that every angle is connected through it’s emission of light. 

Everybody travelling between those energies will be touched by it’s vibration, even aircraft flying in the sky, anything moving between those two points will experience an acceleration in their activation of this particular part of the heart chakra.   

The guardians, protectors and nurturers of the children of your world who still sleep will begin awakening rapidly, and more and more people will find that they have the strength, courage, power and the means to root the vital changes needed to support the children of your planet. The child’s plight will now be heard with different ears; enlightened humanitarian ears, and that my beloved ones will be the major turning point for Planet Earth as a whole, for when the child is honoured, respected and loved unconditionally, the entire core essence of humanities consciousness will change; the shift will be incredible.  

When one looks upon children with eyes of honour, respect and awe, you will see the truth of God and Goddess, you will see the power of all creation looking back at you, and the potential of all life will be looking back at you. I would like to add that on the four days I have mentioned when you will be joining together, that when you have completed focusing your energy on Vietnam and Cambodia in assisting the release of those souls, that you take a few minutes and draw your awareness into the core of the heart chakra I have spoken of and visualise yourself moving into the core of Mother Earth’s body and stand within that space of the heart chakra breathing the love in, allowing that love force to merge inside of you and extend it  first to every unborn child on the planet, then to every newborn infant on the planet, extend it to all the children of one year-old, two years, three years and so on and so forth until the age of twelve, and then extend that love to every inner child on the planet, to every teenager and adult on the planet, and if all of you join together doing this for those four days you will already manifested miracles within the ethers of your planet, as well as within the consciousness of humanity inside their being and the shift from the inside out will have begun on a completely different level, in a totally new way, and this is when the things change, moving from the external to the internal, and it will become the internal desire to change the external motivated, inspired and fuelled by this divine sacred love force, a power so pure that no density will be able to withstand it’s touch; it will crumble in the presence of this love. 

If you find yourself in a conflicting situation, or being at the receiving end of any negative bantering, all you need do is energetically pull that person or situation into Mother Earth’s body and into the core heart chakra, you do the same, and imagine yourself standing in front of the person or the situation and you flood it with this love vibration. 

This will bestow upon them the blessings of the purity, innocence, power and inherent faith of the child; that complete and utter trust that all is as it should be and all will be taken care of. This powerful love vibration will help clear any unnecessary energies that may have attached to the etheric field of unborn children and all children up until the age of twelve which is not in truth part of their divine plan or journey, freeing them of the unnecessary baggage. Very often this happens, especially with such high frequencies. There are negative energies that will attach itself to that life force, very similar to having entities attach them self in order to feed off fear. This cleansing will help all of you feel lighter and better understand the divine plan with greater clarity and more confidence in your heart. 

Use this time to indulge in this vibration, remind yourself daily that it is a love never experienced before, it comes from an unlimited source, it has no labels, nothing on your earth or in the most advanced mind on earth can define it because it cannot ever be defined. Such an indefinable energy can only ever just be experienced as it is. 

Do yourself a favour, don’t analyse it, do not try and define it or categorise it because then you will inhibit your ability to experience the greater extent of what it is. Be open to everything and to anything embodying this power and remember that now is a different world. 
Which world do you choose? 

Beloved ones we wish to thank you for your service and for your choice to embark upon these journeys. We wish to thank you for taking advantage of the opportunities to learn more, to experience more, to bring healing to self, to others and your planet. You are walking the true pathway of service, it is a joint venture and it is an infinite flow of giving and receiving. May the light of this new love reveal to you great new worlds, new ideas and new avenues through which to express them. 

There will be much changing over your planet over the next few weeks, the next twelve weeks are especially important, but all is necessary, all is the removal of the density I spoke of earlier, dismantling and dematerialising the thick, dense, solid material which has hidden the power of the love you are now accessing. 

Be at peace in your world knowing that everything is divine in it’s plan and timing, and brace yourself, because you do not know what lies around the next corner for you, and that I say with delight for it might very well be the greatest surprise of your life, I trust it will be. 

I am Kuthumi, Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. 

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