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You are a divine...
You are a divine...
Мишель Мандерс

Обучение доверять себе - один из самых важных уроков вашей жизни в этом воплощении. Когда  вы доверяете и верите в себя каждой фиброй вашего существа вы полностью соединены с Сознанием Божественного, для которого вы являетесь чистым и ясным каналом Его света, и ясность, которую вы обретаете при этом - феноменальна.

You are a divine manifestation of the divine essence of the Holy Mother and Father. Your chakras carry the blue print of each of them. The earth was seeded with your energy because you were entrusted the role to liberate humanity. You have returned at this volatile time in earth’s spiritual history, physical and economic history to bring about change never before witnessed in such a dense realm. 

You, Lightworkers, are masters embodying light who are ready to remember the power inside of you. You are beings in a physical body who know exactly what is needed at this time, just listen. 

Your confusion is an illusion. Your fears are an illusion. You are precisely in the place you need to be, for it is where you are now that your energy is needed most. You need not be a saint nor a healer to weave the magic of spirit. You are in a variety of walks of life so as to bring light and wisdom to all places. 
Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders.

When you stop running away from life and truly look at what is in front of you it loses its power over you to instill fear because you have taken the very important step of stopping and looking at the perceived threat full on and courage is born. Something then shifts inside of you, and the support, direction or clarity you have been asking for is suddenly there. 

You may not notice it immediately, you may not even know how or when it happened, all you know is you see life differently, which is what each of you are working towards. Many of you have achieved much of that already, and now is certainly not the time to give up. 
Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders.

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